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Glen Paul Freedman is a seasoned professional with diverse skills derived from a blend of corporate, community-related experience, political consulting, executive management services, non-profit consulting and notary public/certified,

His ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously while remaining focused on the overall mission and goals has made him a valued team player with his political management, corporate positions where he has grown steadily, as well as a sought-after board member of several organizations.

A proven leader and spokesperson, he has contributed to the success of each company and political campaigns for whom he has worked as well as the organizations he has helped build relationships and partnerships among diverse communities.



The GPF Group, LLC


* Georgia House Democratic Caucus, Democratic Party of Georgia & House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams

* GeorgiaNext, Inc.

* Grady Health System

* HOPE Global Forums / Operation HOPE

* Q&A Entertainment, Inc.

* Stacey Abrams for Governor

* The LMB Group, LLC

*  Upfront Megatainment  

Special Projects:

* Atlanta Pride Committee

* Out Georgia Business Alliance

* State Committee, DPG

* Georgia Equality

*  Victory Fund

The GPF Group


Consulting services that focus on clients' most critical issues and opportunities:

* Political Campaign Logistics

* Operations & Compliance Management

* Financial Services

* Political Event Planning

* Governmental Affairs

* Executive Management Services

* Project Management

* Travel & Event Management

* Notary Public/Certified

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